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#25 Signature Sushi Roll Serving Size 8 Pcs

#25 Signature Sushi Roll Serving Size 8 Pcs

$16.99 USD
$16.99 USD


Signature Sushi Roll 
Salmon | Tuna | Avocado |Sushi Rice | Nori | Sesame Seed | & Topped Slice Salmon & Tuna | Wasabi | Ginger | 

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Our Signature Sushi Roll is a must-try for sushi lovers. With a delectable combination of fresh salmon, tuna, avocado, sushi rice, and nori, this roll is topped with a sliced salmon and tuna and sesame seeds. It comes with wasabi and ginger to add the right amount of spice and zest to your dining experience. Serving size is 8 pieces, perfect for sharing or enjoying all to yourself. You can conveniently order online and have it delivered by Miami Fresh Fish Market, so why wait? Order now and savor the flavors of our Signature Sushi Roll!

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