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#8 California Sushi Roll Serving size 8 Pcs

#8 California Sushi Roll Serving size 8 Pcs

$9.99 USD
$9.99 USD


California Sushi Roll  Serving size 8 Pcs.
Carb Imitation | Cucumber | Avocado | Sushi Rice | Nori | Sesame Seed | Wasabi | Ginger | 

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 Enjoy a taste of California with our delicious California Sushi Roll. Each serving size includes 8 pieces of sushi packed with sushi rice, crab, imitation crab, cucumber, and avocado. Perfect for a light lunch or to share with friends. Order online now and experience the flavors for yourself.


Miami Fresh Fish Market 3911 Alton Rd Miami Beach FL 33140 | Call for Order 305-763-8225

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