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Nova Lox Smoked Salmon | 16" Platter

Nova Lox Smoked Salmon | 16" Platter

$135.00 USD
$135.00 USD

Nova Lox Smoked Salmon 16" Platter

Embark on a culinary journey with our Nova Lox Smoked Salmon 16" Platter, an artful creation meticulously arranged for easy indulgence. At Miami Fresh Fish Market, located in the heart of Miami Beach at 3911 Alton Rd, we offer a seamless blend of convenience and gourmet excellence. This platter features the finest Nova Lox Smoked Salmon, expertly cut into rolls, ensuring a delightful experience with every pick-up to your plate. Elevate your dining affair with the ease of online orders and prompt delivery services, bringing the flavors of our ocean-fresh offerings directly to your doorstep. Rest assured, our commitment to quality extends to the kosher certification by KM, guaranteeing a culinary experience that meets the highest standards. Immerse yourself in the perfect fusion of taste and convenience at Miami Fresh Fish Market. 🍣🥢


Note: Process of order 
            Please consider a platter process will need 1-2 hours in advance,
            last order we accept not later than 
 Mon-Thu 4pm            Friday 12pm
            Please call for more information 

Miami Fresh Fish Market 3911 Alton Rd Miami Beach FL 33140
Call for Order 305-763-8225
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