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Red Snapper Wild | Whole or Fillet  Per Pound

Red Snapper Wild | Whole or Fillet Per Pound

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Red Snapper Wild - Whole Fish | Fillet - Per Pound (lb)

Amino acids, Vitamins D and E minerals magnesium and selenium,omega-3 fatty acids.

Red Snapper 
  • fillet (170g) 
  • Calories from Fat 26. Calories 218.
  • 4%   Total Fat 2.9g.
  • 3%   Saturated Fat 0.6g.
  • 27% Cholesterol 80mg.
  • 4%   Sodium 97mg.
  • 25% Potassium 887mg.
  • 0%  Total Carbohydrates 0g.
  • 5%  Calcium 68
  • 2%  Iron 0.4
  • 19% Potassium 887.4                                                               

Experience the unparalleled freshness of Red Snapper Wild at Miami Fresh Fish Market. Whether you prefer the convenience of local delivery, the ease of online ordering, or the joy of exploring our store in Miami Beach, each day brings you the finest catch available, sold by fillet or whole fish. Elevate your culinary adventures with the premium selection at Miami Fresh Fish Market, where every bite is a testament to quality and taste.  

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