Salmon Nigiri Platter Serving Size 6 Pcs

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Salmon Nigiri Platter Serving Size 6 Pcs.

A Salmon Nigiri Platter is a delectable dish featuring sushi made with fresh, high-quality salmon. Nigiri is a traditional Japanese style of sushi where a small mound of vinegared rice is topped with a thin slice of raw fish, in this case, salmon. The Salmon Nigiri Platter typically includes several pieces arranged on a platter, making it a visually appealing and shareable option. It's a popular choice for sushi enthusiasts and those looking to enjoy the rich and flavorful taste of fresh salmon in a sushi presentation.

The "Salmon Nigiri Platter" is an exquisite sushi dish available for online delivery from our Miami Beach-based fresh fish market store in Miami Beach. Our platter is crafted with locally sourced, fresh salmon and is kosher certified with a KM certificate. You can conveniently order this delectable dish online for delivery, and it comes with 6 pieces in platter. Enhance your dining experience with the best of Miami's seafood, available at the click of a button.