#20 Volcano Sushi Roll Serving size 8 Pcs

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Volcano Sushi Roll Serving size 8 Pcs
Crab Imitation | Cucumber | French Crunchy Onion |  Topped with Avocado and Torch Dynamite | White Rice | Nori.

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pieces crafted from Crab Imitation, crisp Cucumber, and French Crunchy Onion, topped with creamy Avocado and torch Dynamite. Nestled in a bed of White Rice and Nori, each bite is a delightful explosion of taste. At our Miami Beach store (3911 Alton Rd, FL 33140), we bring the best kosher sushi to your doorstep. Conveniently order online or by phone (PH: 305-763-8225), and experience the ultimate sushi delight with our prompt delivery service. Elevate your dining experience with the Volcano Sushi Roll - a fusion of freshness, quality, and convenience! ūüć£ūüöö
Best kosher sushi roll 
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